Licensing and Certification Process

Fluids certified by IFC carry the IFC certification mark, an OEM seal of approval. It helps consumers identify the correct fluid recommended by their automaker and eliminates the guesswork when servicing their vehicles. The IFC certification mark represents the global standard for fluid quality, performance, and compliance. The IFC certification mark is evergreen, so consumer awareness and recognition will continue to increase. And there is significant potential for market growth as additional specifications are developed and OEM support grows.

Fluid marketers who wish to offer IFC certified products must first become licensed, giving them the right to use the IFC certification mark on their products after program requirements are met.
All core and finished formulations are approved. As the foundation for all finished formulations, core formulations need to successfully complete the full matrix of specification testing, including engine tests, to be approved. Core formulation approval is usually sought by additive suppliers or fluid marketers with proprietary formulation technology.
Once a fluid marketer receives approval on their finished formulation, the formulation can then be used to certify their products.

IFC certified products are registered and carry the IFC certification mark. After the initial certification, registered products are renewed annually upon successful completion of select bench testing on production samples.  Field auditing of registered products is performed on an ongoing basis to ensure continued compliance across the entire supply chain.

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