New Engine Oil Standards-Setting Consortium Announced

Yesterday, Toyota announced the formation of the International Fluids Consortium (IFC) during SAE International’s virtual World Congress. Led by a group of automakers, the consortium intends to develop international automotive fluid performance specifications that will supplant those developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) and the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization […]

New Fluids Consortium Announced Serving the Automotive Industry

The International Fluids Consortium (IFC): By Vehicle Manufacturers for Vehicle Owners Today representatives from some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers announced the formation of the International Fluids Consortium (IFC). At SAE International’s WCX™ World Congress Experience Digital Summit, Teri Kowalski, Principal Engineer at Toyota Motor North America, is presenting how the IFC will develop […]

OEMs Propose Global System for Specs

A new automaker organization is proposing a global framework to develop industry performance specifications for lubricants and other fluids used in on-road vehicles, stating a desire to speed and streamline the work of current regional approaches. The International Fluids Consortium aims to replace or consolidate frameworks currently run through pillar organizations such as ACEA, ILSAC, […]

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